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Bitmovin Player SDKs

Our native player brings a first class video experience to all of your native applications, enabling you to get to market faster with a feature rich video player.

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We know the challenges and amount of work required to play high quality adaptive video streams smoothly across all the different browsers, operating systems and devices. DRM, multi-DRM and advertising support add to the complexity of this challenge. Bitmovin SDKs are built to offer a shortcut to solving these problems. Most importantly they remove the uncertainty and costs associated with building your own solution, as well as the need to work with multiple vendors, and the organizational overhead that this entails.

Compatibility across all platforms is a goal we strive for. It’s much more than just the web player. Therefore, we have developed native player SDKs for iOS, Android, Web and a growing number of set top boxes. They all share the same code-base which means that they come with the same feature-set, API, configuration and capabilities. The unified UI means you just build your front end once, instead of three times.

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Consistent Player Performance and Capabilities Across Every Platform and Every Device

Our player supports the same UI, player configuration and API on all platforms, providing a consistent interface and user experience on every device.

By working closely with our customers, we have developed a deep understanding of the importance of user experience and how it directly affects user retention. We also understand that user retention is critical for every business model. This is why our player team has worked hard to make it easy for your developers to integrate and manage our player with a consistent interface and user experience across every platform.

Whether you do this via the unified player configuration, or directly through the unified API, it saves time and resources and helps you to deliver a better experience to your customers.

  • Consistent API across all Bitmovin Players
  • API semantically as similar as possible
  • Easy for customers to support additional platforms
*Contact us for Unified UI on Roku

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