Bitmovin Player goes Chromecast!

Chromecast your video: This demonstration shows the Chromecast capability of the Bitmovin Player. Cast video direct to your television screen using Chromecast and Bitmovin.

Streaming to Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast can be used to display HTML content on every device that has a HDMI input, like TVs and monitors. In order to stream to the Chromecast you have to be connected to the same wireless network and have the Google Cast extension installed in your browser. A tutorial describing the setup can be found here.

find the chromecast icons

If the browser detects a Chromecast in the same network, both the player and the browser will display the Chromecast icon. You can start casting by clicking on either of the two shown buttons.

Select your target device

The browser then displays a list of detected Chromecast devices. To start casting you just have to click on one of the listed devices. When the playback has started, you can control it using the buttons of the player.

Stop the chromecast screencast

If you want to stop casting, you can either click on the Chromecast button of the player, or on the button of the browser. In the latter case, click on “Stop casting” to stop the cast.

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