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Bitmovin Hackathon, August 2014

At the end of August, Bitmovin’s first company internal hackathon took place over two days, where the whole Bitmovin team had the freedom to try out new things with or without Bitmovin’s products and services.
The outcome of the hackathon was some new and cool features. Here’s a selection:

  • As a first part of our hackathon we created an internal backend UI for the management of our cloud-based transcoding system, bitcodin (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service). With this UI we are able to comfortably add new cloud instances and remove existing instances in a flexible way and across multiple IaaS providers – pretty cool!
  • As a second part we extended our bitdash player’s (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) UI with an improved seeking feature. Thumbnails of the current seeking position will be shown while seeking in the player, which are also generated by our bitcodin transcoding platform.
    screenshot bitmovin bitdash MPEG-DASH player
    Screenshot of the new bitdash player feature: While seeking the video thumbnails will be shown.
  • Another team created a flexible log-analysis tool for our bitcodin cloud-platform testing and bug fixing purposes, which makes the lives of our bitcodin team much easier and which is great to further improve the system’s quality.

Thanks to the whole team for the participation and the awesome results! Our next hackathon will take part at the end of September. So, stay tuned and read more on our blog in future.
bitmovin team klagenfurt hackathon
The Bitmovin hackathon team

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Christopher Mueller is the CTO and Co-founder of Bitmovin. He leads Bitmovin's long-term technology vision, and is responsible for overseeing product development, industry thought leadership and advanced technology incubations.

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