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Bitmovin closes 7-digit Seed Financing Round

Bitmovin, technology leader in adaptive streaming solutions obtains investment from Austrian/US venture fund SpeedInvest and institutional investor Constantia Industries to accelerate development and deployment of its high performance cloud-based encoding platform bitcodin™ (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service) and its efficient bitdash™ (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) streaming clients for MPEG-DASH.
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 Vienna, Klagenfurt, Santa Cruz, 12 August, 2014. Bitmovin GmbH announced that it has secured a 7-digit US$  investment, consisting of equity investments from early stage fund SpeedInvest and institutional investor Constantia Industries AG as well as public financing from Austrian funding agencies. This is Bitmovin’s first investment round, following the founding of the company in 2012 and the commercial release of its bitdash™ (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) streaming client solutions and of the bitcodin™ (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service) high-performance cloud encoding platform. Using this financial basis, Bitmovin will invest in further development and expansion of its product portfolio and accelerate its market entry in Europe and the U.S.
“Bitmovin has created cloud-native streaming media solutions for the new era of media delivery and consumption that is taking shape today, enabling new levels of quality of experience and  cost efficiency”, said Marcel van der Heijden, Partner at SpeedInvest. “We’re excited to support Bitmovin taking to market the current line-up of solutions, as well as commercializing its IP and R&D that enables emerging use cases, such as device-originated content distribution, streaming session mobility, as well as HTTP2/SPDY and peer-assisted streaming”.
 Today’s online video challenges and their solution
As video consumption is moving away from traditional linear TV towards ubiquitous video consumption of live and on-demand content on any type of device, Internet video traffic is exploding and will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013 according to Cisco[1]. Media streaming can be technically complex and for content/service providers it is often difficult to deliver a satisfactory end-customer Quality of Experience (QoE) with low startup delays, no buffering or stalling, and highest media quality. These challenges are the result of complexities introduced due to the large variety of content formats, protocols, transmission options, and device-specific factors as well as continued innovations including HEVC and 4K/UHD. Therefore the MPEG-DASH standard was recently established to create the convergence and interoperability required for further large-scale market growth.
 “Today, content providers are expanding the distribution of their On-Demand and Live offerings to the Web and across multiple devices including and beyond TV. Due to the increasing customer expectations, the success of them depends on the offered video quality”, said Stefan Lederer, CEO of Bitmovin. “Bitmovin provides end-to-end adaptive bitrate transcoding services and high-performance players for any platform, enabling our customers to offer the highest quality of service, while minimizing distribution costs through the efficient use of video encoding, HTTP-based delivery and caching infrastructure”.
Bitmovin’s Services and Products
Bitmovin’s solutions help technology/solution providers, content distributors and streaming service providers to deliver high service quality to their end users, while optimizing their economics:

  • bitcodin™ (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service) is a massively scalable, high-performance transcoding platform, which is designed from-the-ground-up as cloud service. bitcodin is able to encode the highest quality video (up to HD and 4K/UHD) extremely fast, for example encoding  a 2 hour HD movie into multiple representations in a only a few minutes. In addition, the bitcodin platform delivers high availability 24/7 Live Stream encoding using a fully redundant/hot failover system. Customers can also use the performance and scalability advantage to increase encoding efficiency, and thus save significantly on media distribution by producing lower bitrate media, without compromising image quality. This performance, flexibility and cost-efficiency are important in an industry with high distribution costs and levels of capital outlay for fixed infrastructure that is typically dimensioned on peak loads.
  • bitdash™ (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) is an MPEG-DASH compliant client suite delivering up to 100% higher bitrate throughput and Quality of Experience compared to other adaptive bitrate protocol/players. Players are available for Web- and mobile play out using the new HTML5 Media Source Extensions (MSE) as well as Adobe Flash as fallback. The bitdash™ SDK is available as native C++ implementation to power native and embedded applications such as Smart TVs, STBs and native mobile apps.

Bitmovin licensed is bitdash™ clients to customers worldwide, and is rolling out its bitcodin™ service for Live 24/7 HD streams featuring time-shift and catchup. The company will be present at the major industry events including IBC (Amsterdam), Medientage (Munich and Vienna), HbbTV Symposium (Paris), Streaming Media West (Los Angeles), MWC (Barcelona) and NAB (Las Vegas)
About Bitmovin
Bitmovin provides high performance transcoding and media streaming solutions that enable the delivery of a superior quality experience to end users. The company’s main expertise is proprietary and patent pending technology based on open multimedia technology standards. Bitmovin was founded by Stefan Lederer (CEO), Christopher Mueller (CTO) and Christian Timmerer (CIO) as a spin-off from the leading research and standardization efforts at Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. Bitmovin actively participates in standardization bodies, including ISO/IEC MPEG, DASH Industry Forum, IETF and IEEE.
About Speedinvest
SpeedInvest is an Austrian business angel fund that invests in web/mobile and Fintech startups based in Central Europe. Besides financial investments, SpeedInvest actively deploys its network and know-how to support its portfolio companies. SpeedInvest’s office in Silicon Valley supports its portfolio companies entering the US market.
About Constantia Industries AG
Constantia Industries AG is a privately owned and internationally oriented Austrian company, currently employing over 3,000 staff. Constantia New Business is a strategic business unit that is continuously looking for investment opportunities, preferably in the fields of material sciences, process engineering or information and communications. Their venture capital investment focus is on product-based technology companies addressing B2B markets. Constantia New Business has a long-term investment strategy.
For more information please contact

Stefan Lederer
CEO, Bitmovin GmbH
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Marcel van der Heijden
Partner, Speedinvest
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[1] Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2013–2018,

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