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James Konik

James Konik

Uncertain if he's a coder who writes or a writer who codes, James tries to funnel as much of this existential tension as possible into both of his passions but finds it of more benefit to his writing than his software.

What is VOD (Video on Demand) Platform? A Complete Guide (2022)

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Video on Demand (VOD). Video is the go-to medium for content consumption, and that’s only accelerated with pandemic-induced lockdowns. Combine that with smart devices …

Using Spatial Audio to Improve User Experience

Spatial audio aims to place you at the center of a three-dimensional listening experience. Done right, it goes beyond regular stereo audio, surrounding you with sound and fully immersing the …

The VP9 Codec: How Does It Stack Up?

If you work with video, picking a codec is a critical decision that will affect both your workflows and the quality of your output. There are many different video codecs available, …