Vignesh V Menon, Hadi Amirpour , Christian Timmerer, Mohammad Ghanbari

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Efficiently Predicting Quality with ATHENA’s Video Complexity Analyzer (VCA) project

For online prediction in live streaming applications, selecting low-complexity features is critical to ensure low-latency video streaming without disruptions. For each frame/ video/ video segment, two features, i.e., the average texture energy and the average gradient of the texture energy are determined. A DCT-based energy function is introduced to determine the block-wise texture of each…

Video Complexity Analyzer, VCA - Bitmovin
Operational Optimization Research and Technology Video Encoding Welcome to the Bitmovin Blog

Efficient Multi-Encoding Algorithms for HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

The Future of HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) According to multiple reports, video viewing will account for as much as 82% of all internet traffic by the end of 2022, as such the popularity of HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) is steadily increasing to efficiently support modern demand. Furthermore, improvements in video characteristics such as frame rate,…

Video Complexity Analyzer, VCA - Bitmovin

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