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The Bitmovin APi delivers a single point of control for your entire video workflow, allowing you to develop and optimize every step of the video delivery process.

How Bitmovin Used React/Redux to Develop Its New Dashboard

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For the past few months, the frontend team at Bitmovin has been working hard to […]

Bitmovin Releases Managed On-Premise Encoding with Kubernetes and Docker

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Bitmovin Managed On-Premise encoding is a containerized video encoding on Kubernetes and Docker that runs […]

Halve your Encoding, Packaging and Storage Costs – HLS with fragmented MP4

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By using a single package format you can reduce your encoding, packaging and storage costs […]

Video Infrastructure as a Service – The Bitmovin API

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The new Bitmovin API delivers a comprehensive video infrastructure solution by integrating all aspects of […]

Last Months Video Encoding API Release Notes

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 “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, […]