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Efficiently Predicting Quality with ATHENA’s Video Complexity Analyzer (VCA) project

For online prediction in live streaming applications, selecting low-complexity features is critical to ensure low-latency video streaming without disruptions. For each frame/ video/ video segment, two features, i.e., the average texture energy and the average gradient of the texture energy are determined. A DCT-based energy function is introduced to determine the block-wise texture of each…

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Lossy Compression Algorithms: Everything a Developer Needs to Know

This is a comprehensive guide to lossy compression algorithms.  In this detailed post, we’ll cover the following topics: An Introduction to Lossy Compression Lossy Compression Ratios & Metrics in Digital Video Perceptual Distortion Peak-Signal-To-Noise Ratio (PSNR) Lossy Compression: the “two” step process Step 1: Quantization Step 2: Transform coding Wavelet Transformation 2D Haar Transform So,…

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Video Compression Basics: What is video transcoding, why is it important, and how does it apply to my everyday life?

What is Transcoding? In the context of video – Transcoding refers to the process of compressing video files as much as possible at minimal quality loss to represent (and transfer) information by using less data. Essentially, video transcoding online is the conversion of a video file from one format to a better-compressed version to ensure…

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New Dynamic Partnership: Vidispine API and Bitmovin’s Encoder Integration

Encoder Integration made for your success We want to enable you to build out the best possible video stacks by using custom media supply chains. Consequently, we want to provide you with the best services in the market. Our latest integration is a collaboration of Vidispine’s API 5.0 and our very own video encoder. In…

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Demuxed 2019 Redux: Objectionable Uses of Objective Video Quality Metrics

Welcome back to Bitmovin’s Encoding Excellence series! Our first post covered why video quality metrics matter. The second post provided an “objective” introduction to the top three objective video quality metrics (see what we did there?). The third post in our Encoding Excellence series is an exploration of quality measurement methods (and their limitations) through…

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Happy World Standards Day 2019 from Everyone at Bitmovin!

Co- Founder Feature: Happy World Standards Day 2019 – Video Standards Create a Global Stage Today, October 14, 2019, we celebrate the World Standards Day, “the day honors the efforts of the thousands of experts who develop voluntary standards within standards development organizations” (SDOs). Many SDOs such as W3C, IETF, ITU, ISO (incl. JPEG and MPEG) celebrate this with individual statements, highlighting the importance of standards…

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