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The 2019 Bitmovin Magazine – Autumn Edition:  Encoded for Optimal Reading Quality

Bitmovin Magazine - Bitmovin
The future of video is driven by highly knowledgeable “Dev-sumers” who are seeking multi-codec, multi-cloud, artificially intelligent encoding solutions that will drastically improve video quality, cost, and the amount of communicable metadata. Despite how dynamic and specific the video tech industry can be, one thing has become clear; our industry is comprised of well-educated buyers and developers seeking custom solutions to build an effective and inexpensive video stack.  Now hold on a minute, that’s a lot of information to break down in the span of two sentences – luckily the 2019 Bitmovin Magazine (BitMagazine) – Autumn Edition delves deep into each of the listed topics, and this blog acts as a short preview of what you can find inside. Click the link above for the FREE downloadable version of the magazine. For a short and sweet read about the industry as it stands today, continue onwards!

Top 6 Trends in 2019 VideoTech 

At Bitmovin, we’re eternally grateful for the openness and level of communication that occurs throughout the video tech and developer community. Following our incredible experiences around the world at NAB Las Vegas, IBC Amsterdam, our countless Learning Labs & Tech Talks, and perhaps most importantly – with you, our readers and networks, through our Developer Survey (and Report); we’ve received invaluable feedback about the status of the industry and the ongoing trends. Here are the top 6 trends we see for 2020:

  1. Per-Title Encoding – Up until 2019, high-quality adaptive streaming was only available for major enterprises, but with a major industry shift towards optimizable quality, this solution is more available than ever!
  2. Low Latency Streaming – Around 50% of respondents to our Annual Video Developer report indicated that Low Latency streaming was a major challenge they faced when working within their video stack. In a separate question, a near equal amount of respondents stated that they intend to implement low latency solutions within the next 1-2 years.
  3. AV1 Formats in Multi-Codec Environments – AV1 is here to stay! All major browser vendors now support the adaptive format and we anticipate that may be the first domino to fall that will change the industry for the better
  4. Multi-Cloud Environments – Software and Cloud services are on the rise! Wait…that’s news from 2010…The real news is the rapid adoption of SaaS at a global scale; especially applied to video content delivery, which is slowly moving away from hardware-based IT infrastructures and towards orchestration services like Google’s Kubernetes
  5. AI/Machine Learning is driving the Industry – AI & Machine Learning aren’t only buzzwords to the general public, it also applies to the Video Tech industry where many companies are racing to find the best use cases within their own technologies. Bitmovin is no exception! Our 3-Pass encoding solution relies heavily on Machine Learning to best optimize compression and CDN costs. In addition, we’ve recently partnered with Microsoft Azure to integrate AI-Based Object detection (in Beta) in our video player
  6. Devsumers: A New Target Audience – The term “dev-sumer” was introduced to the marketing world by Tech Investor Elad Gil, and we absolutely love it. Dev-sumers are the “makers” of today and tomorrow. In recent years, these makers have seen a huge increase in purchasing and decision-making for Businesses. Don’t sleep on this audience, they know exactly what they want, how, and why! 

Encoding Excellence – Optimizing for Quality

Bitmovin Director of Encoding, Martin Smole, took some time to explain our internal development goals (based on consumer & industry demands). In his piece, Smole refers to the importance of improving a user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) and encoding efficiency. Due to the rising demand for higher quality content and understandable need to reduce costs, especially pertaining to storage and bandwidth consumption, Bitmovin has been working diligently to provide the best quality Per-Title Encoding and 3-Pass Encoding solutions. These improvements are an ongoing process to sustain the growth of cloud-based needs (like VOD or Live-Streaming) and to match the quality potential of AV1 formats, which we now offer as a standard feature of our Encoding product.

Containers vs. Microservices

Speaking of cloud-based needs, Bitmovin’s three core products, Encoding, Player, and Analytics are all inherently based on online solutions. Namely, through a balance of container formats and microservices. The BitMagazine compares these technologies through the lens of hyper-users: our own developers! 
Bitmovin Magazine - Bitmovin

Image: How the Bitmovin API works with Containers & Microservices

For the full articles and findings, download our 2019 BitMagazine – Autumn Edition here

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