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Add Your Voice to the 2018 Video Developer Report

- Bitmovin

Last year Bitmovin launched our first ever Video Developer Survey with the goal to help people in the industry get an overview of the status of video codecs, formats, platforms, and other video technologies developers use in their daily work.

With 380 survey submissions from over 50 countries, the 2017 report provided a snapshot into the types of video technologies developers were working with then, as well as a vision into what will be important to video developers in the next 12 months.
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What did we learn last year?

In 2017 we learned, for example, that there were big regional differences in OTT adoption – Apple TV Had Edge With Developers in North America (article), while Chromecast Dominated Among EMEA Video Developers (article) and was the most adopted OTT device in Asia-Pacific (article).
HEVC was the video codec most people were planning to use in the next 12 months and HLS Still Dominated, DASH was on the Rise.
Some of the most interesting data came from the video delivery pain points developers expressed, which are clustered around Player, CDN, DRM and Advertising topics.
- Bitmovin

2017 Video Developer Report: Video Delivery Pain Points

We also gave away a brand new iPhone X to one lucky winner – a video developer from deltatre, digital media service provider for the sport businesses.

What’s new for the 2018 survey?

This year we’ve updated the questions to include more granular information on codecs, platforms and standards. We will, for example, be able to parse out data on more content protection standards and audio codecs, distinguish between player technologies and platforms they are implemented on, as well as ad standards and ad servers.
Curious how your video stack compares? Participate in this year’s survey and receive early access to the 2018 Video Developer Report + Enter to Win an iPhone X!

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