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Player V8 - Modules Overview

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Module NameDescriptionRequired
bitmovinplayer-core.jsThe player core.Always required.
bitmovinplayer-ads.jsContains the ad support, currently VAST, VPAID and Google IMA.Required for ad support.
bitmovinplayer-crypto.jsSupport for AES encryption.Required for HLS AES-128 encryption and DASH ClearKey.
bitmovinplayer-drm.jsSupport for Widevine, PlayReady, PrimeTime and Fairplay DRM systems.Required for DRM with HLS or DASH.
bitmovinplayer-flashrenderer.jsLegacy video rendering connector to the Flash fallback SWF.Required for Flash fallback for legacy browsers.
bitmovinplayer-hls.jsSupport for HLS playback.Required for HLS plabyack in browsers with MediaSource Extensions (MSE) or using the Flash fallback.
bitmovinplayer-mse.jsContains common adaptive streaming functionality.Required for using mserenderer or flashrenderer.
bitmovinplayer-mserenderer.jsState-of-the-art video rendering.Required for DASH/HLS/Smooth playback using the MSE.
bitmovinplayer-native.jsPlayback using the plain video element.Required for progressive streams and playback of HLS in browsers with native support (mainly Safari).
bitmovinplayer-patch.jsContains bug fixes for certain browser versions.Currently only required on Chromecast Firmware 1.25.90308 due to a bug in the Array.prototype.reduce method.
bitmovinplayer-polyfill.jsPolyfills for legacy browsers.Required for browsers not supporting Promises, WeakMaps, Array.prototype.find, Worker, Promise.Any or ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice.
bitmovinplayer-remotecontrol.jsChromecast sender.Required for Chromecast support.
bitmovinplayer-smooth.jsMicrosoft Smooth Streaming support.Required for Smooth Streaming.
bitmovinplayer-vr.js360 video rendering of 2D and 3D content.Required for VR/360 streaming.
bitmovinplayer-dash.jsMPEG-DASH support.Required for MPEG-DASH playback.
bitmovinplayer-webm.jsWebM support.Required for parsing of the WebM Container Format (only needed with MSE module)
bitmovinplayer-subtitles.jsSubtitle support.Subtitle core package, support for WebVTT subtitles. Required by subtitles-cea608 and subtitles-ttml.
bitmovinplayer-subtitles-cea608.jsCEA608 subtitle support.Required for Cea608 Subtitles, relies on bitmovinplayer-subtitles.js
bitmovinplayer-subtitles-ttml.jsTTML subtitle support.Required for TTML Subtitles, relies on bitmovinplayer-subtitles.js
bitmovinplayer-subtitles-native.jsNative Player subtitlesSubtitle support for the native player
bitmovinplayer-user-settings.jsUser Settings support.Support for saving and restoring of user settings

How to use the modular player version 8 is described in the Web SDK page of our dashboard.

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