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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Encodings

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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Players

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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Analyticss

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Latest Articles

Encoding / TutorialsFri Dec 07 2018

Per-Title Configuration Options explained

While the Per Title Algorithm can determine all it needs on its own, you can also customize and adjust the way it works in order to be able to make consider your specific encoding requirements as well.

Player / FAQsTue Nov 06 2018

Why doesn’t the Google Cast logo appear in the Bitmovin iOS SDK in iOS 12?

Analytics / TutorialsMon Nov 05 2018

Integrating Bitmovin Analytics with Grafana

Easily visualize your video analytics data in your Grafana dashboard using our new Grafana plugin so Bitmovin Analytics can be used as a Data Source in your Grafana deployment

Player / FAQsMon Oct 29 2018

What counts as an impression in the player?

Player / TutorialsFri Oct 26 2018

How to setup Bitmovin iOS SDK with DRMToday content

Encoding / TutorialsMon Oct 15 2018

Bitmovin Video Encoder v1 to v2 migration guide

Bitmovin Encoder v2 is out and introduces a couple of major new features. With AV1 and Per-Title Encoding as out-of-the-box features, the solution makes state-of-the-art video technology used by leading SVOD providers available to a mass-market audience.

Encoding / Quick StartsWed Sep 26 2018

Get started with the Bitmovin API

As a developer the Bitmovin API will become the center of your video infrastructure universe, as it allows you to manage everything about your encodings, player, and analytics, as well as your Bitmovin account itself. In this tutorial we will guide to you through the first steps on how to communicate with the Bitmovin API, so you can start to create your first encoding right away.

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 19 2018

Player UI CSS Class Reference

Learn about all available CSS classes of our open-source player UI to adjust its style to your very own requirements and preferences.

Analytics / FAQsFri Sep 14 2018

Measuring Concurrent Viewers

Analytics / Quick StartsThu Sep 13 2018

Integrating Bitmovin Analytics with Bitmovin Player

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