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Latest Articles

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 19 2018

Player UI CSS Class Reference

Learn about all available CSS classes of our open-source player UI to adjust its style to your very own requirements and preferences.

Encoding / ArticlesThu Sep 13 2018

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Overview

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 12 2018

Player V8 - Modules Overview

From version 8 on, the player has a modular structure, which enables you to selectively import only the features you need, leaving out the rest. By removing unnecessary code (modules), the final size of the player can be greatly reduced, which means faster download, lower bandwidth consumption and ultimately a better user experience.

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 12 2018

Release Channels

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 12 2018

Browser DRM Support

Player / ArticlesWed Sep 12 2018

Subtitle & Closed Captions Support

Encoding / ArticlesThu Aug 30 2018

Supported Input/Output Storages

Player / ArticlesMon Aug 27 2018

Device and Cross Browser Support

Lists the officially supported devices, browsers and multimedia formats of the Bitmovin HTML5 based Web, native iOS and native Android SDKs. This playback renderers are abstracted by an unified JavaScript API that allows configuration, independent on the used playback renderer (HTML5, iOS, or Android). More information on playback of protected content across platforms and browsers can be found in our DRM Support Overview Section.

Encoding / ArticlesMon Aug 27 2018

Supported Input and Output Formats

Bitmovin supports a wide variety of video encoding formats and the major supported input and output formats are listed on this page. If you don’t see your format here, feel free to contact our support for direct help.

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